Helping Veterans Get Back to Sleep

NightWare is a smart watch app that helps those with traumatic nightmares get back to sleep.

Thank you so much for helping us raise over $6,000 on our successful Kickstarter campaign! Stay tuned as we work to bring this technology to you!

NightWare can help anyone looking for a good night's sleep!


First Responders



...or anyone else suffering from PTSD or traumatic nightmares

Our Story

After seeing his father battle PTSD following a tour of duty in Iraq, our founder Tyler Skluzacek wanted to help him and others like him.

His father has been wearing different versions of the watch since NightWare's first edition in October 2015 and has seen measurable results. Before NightWare, Tyler's father had, on average, one to two night terrors per night, usually awakening at least one of those times.

Now he has an average of one night terror every 10 days, and does not wake up.